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Songs about love I love to sing (replay)

This is the link to a Facebook live concert I did last year. It made me smile to see it. I hope it will make you smile as well.


This is an old photo from busking when busking was cool😎

Old Poems Revisited #1

I got out my first book of poems (Pictures in My Mind) which was created over the first 30 years of my life. I have decided to share some of them here. Warning! Lots of them are dark as I was heavily influenced by Edgar Allen Poe. Truth is, I wanted to be either the famous Edgar or Stephen King😂


by Frankie Valinda Ghee

Last Night, I dreamed my death

And it was grand

The cause was simple


At my own hand

But the transformation was magnificent

I had become intensified

The universe demystified

I was devastatingly aware

I was not confused

I simply knew

There was no “god”

But now, awake

I have to wonder

Frankie Ghee Sings

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Update: Frankie Sings Tonight at the OLD MILL BAR AND GRILL!

Friday, February 26 9-10pm and Friday, March 12 8-9pm

Yay! The stars have aligned so that I get to play tonight at the Old Mill.

Come on by if you can. It will be a groovy time!

Fall Folk Festival

Where’s Frankie?

See you in the virtual🎶🖤🖤🎼🎶

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2-22-19 Old Mill gi

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