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More Old Poems Revisited #3

I got out my first book of poems (Pictures in My Mind) which was created over the first 30 years of my life. I have decided to share some of them here. Warning! Lots of them are dark as I was heavily influenced by Edgar Allen Poe. Truth is, I wanted to be either the famous Edgar or Stephen King😂


I see farmhouses off the freeway

In the distance

I wish someone could see me

They might help me get away

I can only turn my head

And plead with them

Beg them with my eyes

Am I already dead?

My abductors are cold

I’ll be dead by morning

If no one comes to save me

Someone’s looking out their window

But they don’t notice me

If they did

They couldn’t know

There’s no way I can get free

I am already dead

Frankie Valinda Ghee

epitaph of a rag doll

Over and under, behind and between

A little girl’s images, thoughts and dreams

Lies on her table, sits on her chair

The little girl combs and brushes her hair

Here lies a rag doll, all torn and unkempt

A faithful friend with whom hours were spent

Through millions of tea parties, quietly sat

Through lectures and spankings, and make believe spats

Sleeps at her bedside, lives in her mind

A rag-doll, a partner, a stranger in time

As the child grows older, the doll means less

Tossed in the toy-box with mud on her dress

More and more often, the old friend is laid

And the little, blue toy-box a coffin made

Over and under, behind and between

A little girl’s playmate is torn at the seems

Sits on her table, lies on her chair

The little girl goes

The rag-doll stays here

Frankie Valinda Ghee

Where’s Frankie? Upcoming performances 2021

Random pop up concerts continue on Facebook, and check out “Frankie Ghee Sings” on youtube🎶🖤

May 27 4-7pm South Perry Thursday Market Spokane

June 13, Sunday 1-3pm Cycle Haus Harrison, Idaho

July 18, Sunday 1-3pm Cycle Haus Harrison, Idaho

August 22, Sunday 1-3pm Cycle Haus Harrison, Idaho

September 2, 4-7pm South Perry Thursday Market Spokane

Frankie Ghee Sings #Livemusic for Hire

Got a public venue or a private event? Add live music🎶🎶🎶😎

Last Minute Show 4-23-21, Friday at the Old Mill

I’ll be playing from 8-9pm at the OLD MILL BAR AND GRILL in Millwood, Spokane Valley, Washington.

Hope to see you there!

Old poems revisited #2

So here are two more poems from my first book of poems “Pictures in my mind”

for the unborn

What are we saving the babies for?

What are we saving them from?

Wont they spend their eternities with “god”

In heaven

And wouldn’t that be better?

Would he do less for them?

Are we saving them for what they might be

A president

A saint

A prophecy?

Then aren’t we acting selfishly?

What are we saving them for?

If they could speak

Mightn’t they ask us to spare them?

The heart-break and despair

Of being men?

Have we the right

To make them


I wonder

Why we’re saving them

What will they find

If we let them die?



Will they find themselves complete?

Then why are we saving them?


Each minute of each day

I am inspired to exist

to see the changes in your mood

and new expressions on your face

While away from you

I am floating

In a sea of quiet norm

My mind comes back to you

And my being is transformed

I can’t help smiling

People think I’m strange

But you know what it is?

There is a joy that comes from knowing

I’ll be holding you again

Frankie Valinda Ghee

Songs about love I love to sing (replay)

This is the link to a Facebook live concert I did last year. It made me smile to see it. I hope it will make you smile as well.


This is an old photo from busking when busking was cool😎

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