Street Music

Street Music

What do you do when you find Frankie performing some place this summer?

  1. Come up close enough to hear
  2. Stay as long as you like-feel free to sit if there is a spot you fancy
  3. Take a business card if you like
  4. Ask questions/make comments
  5. Don’t feel like you have to tip
  6. If you want to hire me to perform for your event or venue, contact me at, or leave a note with your information
  7. Enjoy the moment with me

My motivation for performing around Spokane is to perform for an audience and enjoy my surroundings.  I love the freedom and randomness of street music, but I also want to raise awareness about my website and my creative projects.

Where can you find Frankie Ghee performing for free this summer?

Street Music is a pretty spontaneous thing. I get motivated, and I go out there. Sometimes though, I plan ahead by a few hours. Contact me if you would like to be informed of my next stop. If I have something planned, you’ll be among the first to know. You can also follow me on Twitter  and Facebook for on-the-fly updates.

There are a few places I have found hospitable to spontaneous performances.  Thus far, I’ve been hitting them randomly.  Sometimes when I get to the place I planned to play, someone else is already there, or there is construction or a toxic gas spill.  You know?

If the Universe works it so my first choice of venue is a no-go.  I go to the next spot.

I can sometimes be found in Manito or Riverfront Park, at Hico Mart on South Perry, Dollar Tree on 29th,  RiteAid on 29th, Huckleberries on Monroe

Again, thanks for all the kindness.  Man, I love this Town.



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