Flight of Decades is the story of one family’s encounter with a swarm of insane spirits who possess a specific person every ten years.  The Occupants take the form of a swarm of insects (bees, flies, roaches etc.) and enter each new victim on the tenth day of the tenth month and the tenth year but never by force.  They must get permission.  There are rules.  Once encamped in the body and mind of their host, the swarm is free to spend the next ten years torturing and murdering the inhabitants of the town in which they live. The Occupants love their work.  They take great pride in their creativity.  At the end of the ten year infestation, the host is put to the test of madness.  Over the centuries, many victims have been so broken and horrified by what they have experienced and allowed that they join the swarm thus adding to the overall power and madness of the whole.  Karen Noland’s long dead father, Karl Penwalski has given her a choice.  She can risk her life and her sanity to fight and probably fail to stop a madness that has plagued humanity since forever, or she can run for the hills.  Karen has chosen to fight, and with a lot of help from the deputy of a small town in Idaho, she puts herself in the path of one of history’s most undaunted forces.

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