My current poetry project is a full length book called “Pictures in My Mind.” Since many publishers only want material that has not been published anywhere, I decided to write poetry and short stories especially to share
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I will also be posting super fast flash fiction.

Colors of Winter


I have witnessed

different, lovely shades

of Winter Whites

and Frozen Grays


I celebrate the Blues

and glimpses,

however fleeting

of Sunlight

The Colony

They brought us to the island of despair

To make a home

They left us here

They didn’t want to think of us

It was a conscience thing

They didn’t want to see us die

They didn’t want to catch it

The island called THE GIVEN GRAVE

Was our jail

They isolated out disease

And took away our dignity

They didn’t want to touch us

They took us from our families

They didn’t want to breathe our air

Generation after each

They left us here

Then out of fear

They found a cure

And about a hundred years later

They want to set us free

They say they’ll make us clean

And give us their disease

Why can’t they leave us here?

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