#Spokane StreetMusic #Free #Music

Freedom is a beautiful thing.

Don’t get me wrong.  I would love to have a gig where I got paid for singing what I am singing and playing my guitar, so hire me if you have a venue.  I’m just saying that freedom is fun.

I have been in bands and performed for both willing and unwilling audiences.  There have been times when I knew we would better serve the universe by off turning off the mics and going home, but the contract said we had to stay until 1 even if the only person listening to the band was that one regular who was going to be there every night no matter what horrible act was on the stage, or the hecklers who wanted to hear all hip-hop or all country.

I have played for appreciative audiences who wanted to here more, but I had to leave because the contract said I had to leave.

I love just sitting down with my guitar someplace knowing that if someone doesn’t want to listen, they can walk on or if I hate being there, I can simply pack up and go without explanation.  In reality, I have found that people here are extremely kind and seem to genuinely enjoy having a little live music in their day.

The other great thing about street music is that I can finish a song and have a conversation without having to stop the pay-clock.

The music I am providing is free.  You can listen if you want to, and you can hang out for a while.  Tips are appreciated but definitely not required.  I love the thumbs up and the smiling nod.  Both are as good as gold to me.

Okay, so if you see me somewhere with my guitar singing away, please stop by and let me know you’ve seen my site.  Hang out if you have time.

If you have a place you would like to have me play, let me know.

Thanks for listening


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