#Free Spontaneous #Concerts this Summer around #Spokane…Stay Tuned!

Where can you find Frankie Ghee performing for free this summer? 

Okay, here’s the deal.  There are a few places I have found hospitable to spontaneous performances.  Thus far, I’ve been hitting them randomly.  Sometimes when I get to the place I planned to play, someone else is already there, or there is construction or a toxic gas spill.  You know? 

If the Universe works it so my first choice of venue is a no-go.  I go to the next spot. 

At this moment, I am thinking I will try outside of Hastings and the Dollar store on the South Hill tomorrow 5:30-7:00pm

I’ll send a tweet when I get there.

If, for some reason, that plan needs adjustment, I will tweet the location of my landing.

Today, I ended up playing outside next to the Jimmy John’s near Trader Joe’s on the South Hill.  I had lots of really nice people stop by and even got to chat a bit with an up and coming singer/guitar player and future busker.

Again, thanks for all the kindness.  Man, I love this Town.




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