Adventures in #Spokane #StreetMusic Stay tuned

When I got to Huckleberry’s to play, there was someone already there, so I spent about an hour singing in front of Hico Mart on Perry.  Nice people stopped by and the sun came out to make it really pleasant. 

I went back to Huckleberry’s after that because I had called ahead and gotten permission to do my thing this evening, and I didn’t want to waste my chance.  It was perfect timing because the performer who was there before was just packing up right at that moment.  I played for about an hour and a half. 

Huckleberry’s is one of my favorite places because of the people who shop there and because the view from my spot is so pretty.

I think tomorrow, I’ll be back at the Dollar Tree/Hastings.  Please, Please come and stay awhile and let me know you read this post.  I am having fun playing for random passers by, but it would be really groovy to play for more people with a little time on their hands.

Frankie Sings TRUE COLORS by Cyndi Lauper

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