“Slightly Odd Couple” Super Fast #Flash #Fiction #Spokane

Slightly Odd Couple

To both of them, she was a goddess.

From Sonia’s perspective, life was easy.  She sailed through it as supreme deity upon corpses of the egos she had crushed and the hopes she’d maimed.  She gave nothing yet wanted for nothing and saw nothing wrong in this.

In Mallory’s mind, Sonia was the definition of beautiful, and she worshiped her doing her bidding like a chamber maid.  Mallory was content in being allowed to share such close proximity with this prize that was coveted by all who viewed it.

In this way, the two women worked for a time, filling each other’s need. 

Mallory was the only “friend” who did not try to steal from Sonia’s light.  She kept her head down and followed always at the proper distance, so that Sonia did not seem equaled or unfriended.

Sonia dominated Mallory which made Mallory feel needed and secure in her role as lackey for the queen.

The only problem with this arrangement, was that it was completely dependant upon a temporary truth.  Sonia was gorgeous.  The fact of Sonia’s extreme good looks kept both women sheltered and fed.  There was always a party, free drinks and a free meal for the goddess and her entourage.  

With the accident and the dramatic alteration in Sonia’s appearance, both women were left to rely on their personalities, and neither was prepared for such a fate.


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