#Meditation Musings on # Perception #Spokane


I have discovered for myself that my perception of the amount of stress associated with any one task or activity decreases both with the number of times per day or week that I attempt the task (or engage in the activity) and the number of other unrelated tasks and activities I complete each day.

My take home is this, when I realize that every moment and every task is equally important whether I “have to” do it or choose to do it, I stress less about everything.  I relax into being in one moment at a time.  In this weird way, busier can be better.

Now that I have fewer scheduled activities, things that I am expected to do at specific times with other people, I make a bigger deal out of things that would have been considered side activities before.    

For the last year, I have had the gift of time.  I resigned from my full time job and set out on a quest to find joy.  I write music. I sing. I write stories and poems.  I perform street music, and I meditate.

My only real commitment is teaching group fitness classes two to four times a week. 

When one of my classes was my first and only activity of the day, it took on crazy importance, like if something about the class wasn’t perfect, my whole day was ruined.  I got nervous on the drive to the class.

I noticed recently that when I get up early, meditate do some writing, go for a walk or watch a couple hours of mindless Netflix, I am more relaxed when I get to my class.  I’ve even taken to leaving early and stopping somewhere on the way to class like a store or a park.

Even mundane tasks like washing last night’s dishes or purposefully spending time with my cat, making a phone call or paying a bill when given attention can change the perception about an activity or task that lies ahead.

Try this.  The next time you have something on the horizon that seems very important or stressful, try adding some appointments to your calendar.  Try to make your stressful activity, just one more thing in a week filled with equally important moments.  Plan some lunch dates.  Compare insurance companies.  Whatever.

Stillness is a beautiful thing, but sometimes, busier is better.




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