#meditative musing. If I live in the moment, Don’t worry about being remembered or leaving a mark. I am happy.

Imagine what it would feel like to be absolutely positive that the minute you were done here (with this version of yourself) you would be immediately and completely forgotten by everyone.  Would you seek to do less good or live less kindly?  Would you spend this moment stressing about how you were perceived by those around you?

If our motivation to act comes from the desire to bolster our story for future generations, are we not missing the point of being gifted such an amazing life to live right now?  Aren’t we squandering the joy, the freedom and the beauty of now?

When I challenge my motivations, I sometimes find that my most altruistic acts are the most self centered and self indulgent.  Everyone loves a martyr, right?

If I believe that I am basically good and that the universe is kind, in my stillness I will appreciate another spectacular moment of peace and joy.

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