Musings on the Weather #Fall #Winter #Spokane

Spokane has all four seasons

I wouldn’t have it any other way

With every season there comes new hope and new fear

As it gets colder, the warm weather pests crawl away to hibernate or die

Leaving me free of their creepiness

I start to worry about what the roads will be like

Will it be a harsh winter?

Will anything break down?

Football season keeps me looking forward to the next game

I never did go camping

The new year is on the horizon

Hope eternally springs

I turn 50 in January

I love to wear long thick sweaters

I love pulling on my snow boots and wearing them like dress shoes

My electric bill will go up for several months

My laundry pile will be bigger and thicker with all of the corduroy and turtlenecks

There will be dark, cold, cozy moments drinking hot chocolate soy milk

There will be the beautiful blanket that makes even the most industrial of neighborhoods appear as something magical

I will lose hundreds of single gloves

I wont be able to do much street music

Will I get sick?

Will I get published?

When the sunshine hits the brilliant red leaves just off of Helena and Sprague

The beauty of it makes me gasp

Spokane has all four seasons

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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