“A Brand New Look for a Brand New Year” Super Fast Flash #Fiction from the land of What if


What if five hours after the countdown that ended the old year and kicked last night’s party into high gear, you find yourself gripping a sink with both hands and looking into eyes that are surprisingly un-bloodshot and fully alert?   Let’s just say that your eyes, although they have always been a watery grey/blue and were so only hours earlier, are now a deep almost opaque brown.  What if that’s not even the half of it?  What if your whole physical self has changed?

What if the you looking back at you from that mirror looks nothing like the forty-two year old, heavy set, deeply freckled red head that stumbled into the back of the cab last night?  Let’s say the image facing you is that of a much  younger, much healthier and much hotter black woman.  What if the face in the mirror is African black with the archetypal smooth dark skin and high cheek bones, and this younger woman is absolutely s stunning?

Do you get ready and go into work as usual, or do you call in sick?

Frankie Valinda Ghee

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