Singing with Intent #SuperPower #Music It’s all about intent.

Singing with Intent

Some songs we sing to sooth, but with others we use our voices to stir emotions of despair and grief.  While many melodies go straight for the joy others seek to empower or strengthen resolve.  Songs can be educational, confusing, hilarious and maddeningly catchy.  Songs we hate at first listen can worm their way into our hearts and become favorites.

If I was given the opportunity to choose one super power, I would choose the power to stop listeners with a song. The target of my singing would have to stop and hear the song and feel it’s purpose, and in those moments of music, my captive listener would experience the song with my intent.  They might feel giddy, irrational love or become paralyzed with hopelessness and heartache.  I could plunge my audience into a state of panic or outrage and then lift them into a state of bliss and inner peace.

I would never again sing a song whose only intent was to show off my instrument, my highs and lows or the length of my breath.  I would not distract with choreography or complicated personas.  I would only sing with intention….and I would never win a contest.

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