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“Sunday Train” is I IV V blues.  It’s a lot of fun and was easy to write.  I’ve got a bunch of these.  I usually go for humor with blues songs.  You’ll also notice the happy ending in this one which is a little more out of character for me.  The “cool shoes” line is a nod to a band I performed this song with.  We were called “Cool Man Shoe”

You may hear some distorted wind sound in the background, but that’s how you know it’s live and uncut.  Oh, and there are some really big birds “cawing” above me. The sun is right in my face making me all happy and warm.

Thanks again for all you support, kind words, and donations

Frankie Valinda Ghee.

Sunday Train by Frankie Ghee

I thought about you Monday morning

Just as it came to rain

And I thought about you Tuesday morning

As my dreams went down the drain

I might have called you on Wednesday but I knew you wouldn’t take the blame

So I bought a new car on Thursday

Thinking it would ease the pain

But I took it too far on Friday

And I’ve been polishing up my aim

If I were in your shoes, baby

I’d put my feet on a Sunday Train


I’d take the Sunday Train out in the pouring rain

Although you might get wet

You wont forget

How if you break a heart to pieces

You’ve got a price to pay

If I were in your shoes baby

I’d put my feet on a Sunday train

I spent the whole week crying

Things would never be the same

And I listened to you denying

Every promise that you ever made

If I were in your shoes baby

I’d put my feet on a Sunday train


I started feeling better come Monday

I had a song to sing again

And by Tuesday I was dreaming

About a life without all that pain

And by Wednesday, I was thinking

That my heartache wasn’t all in vain

So I bought my ticket on a Thursday

On the minute that the good news came

Packed my bags up on Friday

I couldn’t wait to get out on my way

I’ll get up early in the morning

And put my feet on a Sunday Train

I’ll take the Sunday train out in  the pouring rain

Although I might get wet, I wont regret

How I loved you just a little

And gave my heart a change

I’m gonna shine my new shoes

And put my feet on a Sunday train

I’m gonna shine my Cool Shoes

And put my feet on a Sunday Train

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