Okay, so sometimes when I am sitting on my stool in front of a store or I am playing at a coffee house, someone will come by and look at my sign, and ask me “What is Frankie Valinda Ghee Creative Projects?”  They might ask that, or they might ask me about how I make a living or what my plans are for the  future.  I love talking with people, but often I rush my answer because I am mid-song or because a big gust of wind comes up and blows my music stand over, or… well you get the picture.  I decided to take a moment and answer some of the questions.

KIND, INTERESTED PASSER BY: So what are you doing out here?  What is your deal?  Do you have a day job? How do you buy food? Are you having fun?

ME: This is how I am earning my daily bread through song and story.  I’m having a ton of fun.   I am a retired middle school choir teacher transitioning into my life as a full time performer and creative artist.  During the summers, I perform live street music and play for outdoor events and festivals.  I am always looking for opportunities and venues and am happy to perform for any kind of group or gathering.  I have enjoyed performing in all of the following settings: Estate sale, wedding, private party, open house, coffee house, hospital room, night club, senior living facility, and recording studios.

I take commissions to write music and lyrics for specific people and events.  If you would like a song tailored for your special day or a special person in your life, you can hire me.  If you have a melody and need lyrics, or if you have lyrics and need a melody, I can help with that as well. You can also hire me to provide back-up or lead vocals for your projects.

I write and share (through my free blog) poetry, short stories, essays, and longer fiction.  If you want help writing lesson plans or other written content, you can hire me.

PASSSER BY: How much do you charge for performances and/or writing?

ME:  It really depends on the situation, but usually works out to be about $50 an hour.

My street music performances are free, but I do accept and greatly appreciate tips from those who are able to contribute.  You can also help me continue to provide access to free music and free written content online by donating at frankieghee.com.

PASSER BY: It says, “Around the Piano” on your business card.  What is that about? 

ME: I am excited and very fortunate to be partnering with Dwayne Perkins and Melony Griffith to promote and distribute a collection of original character and team building songs for middle school and high school aged students.    Our project is called “Around the Piano.” It’s all about using music, conversation and creativity to improve climate and bring ensembles and teams closer together.  In addition to the songs and lessons, we are available to provide educational workshops and conference sessions. You can learn more at allaroundthepiano.com.

You can get the whole scoop on Frankie Valinda Ghee Creative projects at Frankieghee.com.

Thank you for listening.  I’m glad you stopped by.  It’s always my pleasure to sing for you and speak with you!


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