And now, back to #Busking with Frankie

Frankie sings “You Send Me” by Sam Cooke (clip)

Today, I was singing away on the South Hill, outside near Rite Aid and Jimmy John’s, you know, over by the Trader Joe’s.  I almost didn’t go because it looked like it was going to rain, but low and behold, it was perfect weather for singing, not too hot or bright  but not dreary.

I sang to a family of birds that hangs out on the roof of the restaurant across the parking lot.

The clouds were dark and interesting, and the people who stopped by were kind.  There were lots of smiling faces and lots of little kids which is fun for me.

Thanks again to everyone who passed by and gave a nod or a thumbs up, and thanks to those few who stayed a while and hung out with me for a song or two.

Stay tuned for part…umm..6? in our ongoing saga BUSKING WITH FRANKIE.

If you missed some of the earlier episodes, tune into, “My Blog.”  Also check out  “For Hire”





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