A life altering message from the Shameless Self Promotion Department of Frankie Valinda Ghee Creative Projects.

Hello again Everyone,

September is coming to a beautiful close, and that means it’s time for SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION!

Frankie Valinda Ghee Creative Projects has  a lot going on this fall.

1)I have been busy composing songs of my own as well as creating arrangements of  songs I love. I am always looking for venues where I can perform for people who appreciate my style which today I am calling “original/folk/pop/80’sRock/jazz/blues/country  music played accoutically and with great joy at reasonalbe prices.”

This has been an awesome year for playing outdoors, so you will still see me from time to time busking away.  Feel free to stop and hang out a bit.  I accept donations both in  person and here on the website.  Consider purchasing a cd or downloading some Frankie Ghee tunes from cdbaby.com/frankieGhee

2)AROUND THE PIANO/CHARACTER BUILDING SONGS FOR TEENS AND PRETEENS is heading to Washington D.C . for the Character.org and then to Grapevine, Texas for the National Association for Music Education national conference.

AROUND THE PIANO is a collection of easy to learn songs and lessons created by…well,  me.  The lyrics give advice or share philosophies about character that young people can understand and explore. The lessons encourage creativity, self-expression, and tolerance. While designed intentionally to appeal to older students, this resource works well for all ages. Gathering around the piano fosters fellowship and bonding in ensembles, clubs, and community programs.  Consider hiring our team to lead a musical team-building workshop for your group or to work with you to explore using this unique resource to facilitate the conversation about personal character to the young people in your school, family or community.

Check out allaroundthepiano.com to see more.

3) While I have been concentrating more on the musical creative projects this year, I continue  to write poetry, essays, stories and longer fiction.  You can find examples here on this site by scrolling through blogs or you can check out my Creative Fiction page on FaceBook.  Again, donations are happily accepted.

My goal is to create and share full time.  Thank you for your support!



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