ATTENTION! LIVE EVENT: FACEBOOK CONCERT SERIES Starts Tuesday, November 21, 2017, 7:00pm




Dwayne Perkins-in Cooperation with LLC presents: A Frankie Valinda Ghee Creative Projects Fundraising Event to benefit AROUND THE PIANO/CHARACTER BUILDING SONGS.  We will  share live, 30 minute performances on FaceBook about twice a month starting Tuesday, November 21; 2017 at 7:00pm in order to generate donations for AROUND THE PIANO.  Donations will be gratefully accepted at  

Thank you for your support!!

If you can’t donate money, join us just for the fun!

  • Frankie will sing and read poetry, short stories and essays
  • Dwayne will hold the camera and give hilarious, unrelated feedback
  • We will take your request for songs for future concerts 

Around the Piano/Character Building Songs for Teens and Preteens is an engaging resource for teachers and team leaders that promotes social, emotional and character development while improving climate through singing, lyric writing and discussion.
By intentionally integrating Music with Character Education in a way that naturally lends itself to integration with other curriculums, ATP can serve to restore music as a regular part of the day for every person in a school community.
Around the Piano works because of the beneficial qualities inherent in Music participation especially in group singing. The physiological and emotional health benefits of group singing as well as the academic benefits of music study have been well documented. Group singing leads to social confidence, builds empathy, enhances creative problem solving skills and leads to joy. With ATP, we use music exploration, discussion, lyric writing and singing to engineer safe places for people to share their ideas about what it means to “do the right thing,” and to foster a true collaborative learning community.

Any donation happily accepted. Use donation button on full site for other amounts

AROUND THE PIANO concert series fundraiser To change donation amount go to the full site and use the donation button in the side bar.


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