Old poems revisited #2

So here are two more poems from my first book of poems “Pictures in my mind”

for the unborn

What are we saving the babies for?

What are we saving them from?

Wont they spend their eternities with “god”

In heaven

And wouldn’t that be better?

Would he do less for them?

Are we saving them for what they might be

A president

A saint

A prophecy?

Then aren’t we acting selfishly?

What are we saving them for?

If they could speak

Mightn’t they ask us to spare them?

The heart-break and despair

Of being men?

Have we the right

To make them


I wonder

Why we’re saving them

What will they find

If we let them die?



Will they find themselves complete?

Then why are we saving them?


Each minute of each day

I am inspired to exist

to see the changes in your mood

and new expressions on your face

While away from you

I am floating

In a sea of quiet norm

My mind comes back to you

And my being is transformed

I can’t help smiling

People think I’m strange

But you know what it is?

There is a joy that comes from knowing

I’ll be holding you again

Frankie Valinda Ghee

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