It Was Monday Evening in Hayden, Idaho, and this Happened…


My oldest friends

Who knew me when

Now, don’t know how well you know me 

I have aged and changed

And remained the same

And surprise you with my politics

I might not recognize your cars

And you don’t know my favorite song

But when my mind rewinds 

Old friends

I tell boring tales about you

You are still the best of friends

I am grateful….For old times

…a poem for a cloudy day

The Mouse and the Lion

The sun owns the sky

Magnificent and powerful

Brilliant and hot

At least until one fluffy, cotton candy ball

Of ghostly, grayish white

Like a scurrying, frightened, house mouse

Swallowing whole

The majestic king of beasts

And it’s huge, golden mane

Devours the perfect star

And all of its warmth and prospect

With one thoughtless clamping 

Of petite, marshmallow jaw

And, for a while, the sky holds nothing 

Only the cloud

And the Shadow

And the tell-tale silver lining

The only evidence 

Of the perfect crime

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