What if Your Cat is Like My Cat? (Super Fast Flash Fiction by Frankie Valinda Ghee)

<strong>What if Your Cat is Like My Cat?
</strong> What if you wake up about two hours earlier than usual, and your cat is sitting on your chest staring down at you?  There is just enough light coming in from the slightly raised venetian blind that hangs over your bedroom window to allow you to see her clearly.  She doesn’t look like her usually loving and over affectionate self.  She looks like she is considering chewing your face off to fill her growling tummy.
 What if you whisper her name “Morgain” and she hisses your name back at you just as clearly?  Then she jumps off the bed and runs into the kitchen to stand in front of the cupboard where her canned food is kept. 
 What if instead of running passed the kitchen and out into the early morning darkness, curiosity overwhelms you, and you follow her?  She has her back to you, and you can see that her silky gray fur is bushed out the way it is when she is mounting an attack on the cat who lives downstairs and occasionally crosses her path on the front porch. 
 What if your normally mild-mannered kitty slowly turns her head around and looks up at you?  What if she says, “If you feed me right now, this will all end well,” so you walk carefully around her and get the can of Fancy Feast Ocean White-Fish? You manage to master your nerves and get the food into the bowl without making a mess.  What if Morgain snarfs down all the food without so much as blinking in your direction?
 What if when she finishes her food she smiles at you, literally smiles at you and then runs away to one of her hiding places? 
 What if you go back to your bedroom and sit on the bed in stunned silence for at least five minutes before you hear the familiar meow and yowl that you are used to hearing first thing in the morning, and then everything is the same as it was the day before?
 Will you tell your boyfriend?
 Will you call your mom?
 How hard will you try to get your cat to speak to you again?


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