Ugly Vision (Super Fast Flash Fiction by Frankie Valinda Ghee)


I only wear my glasses to read and to drive. Sometimes, even then, I don’t bother with them. I can go days without putting them on. That’s why I’m not exactly sure when my glasses changed.
All I know is that this morning, after breakfast, I decided to do some research on the computer. I sat down at my desk and in one fluid motion took my gasses out of their case and brought my laptop back from slumber. Before the handles were resting on my ears, I knew something was wrong.
At first, I could still see my office, and everything was in its usual place, but all of it was bathed in a dingy bruise colored light.
I could make out other things in the room with me, and that vision grew more clear with time. It was like watching a movie, a horrible moving picture that was filmed using a deep purple lense.

I watched in stricken silence as alien, yet almost human creatures perpetrated acts of violence onto one another using sharp metal tools of unusual design.
I instinctively moved to take the glasses off. I brought both shaking hands up to my face, but when my fingers connected with plastic, I understood that things were even worse than I had imagined. My heart rate trippled and the beating organ seemed to drop into my stomach. I couldn’t get the glasses off. They were stuck to my face.
I tried but was unable to get out of my chair. I was hypnotized by the visions I was being forced to view. It was all cruelty, violence and shocking acts of deep purple gore.
I closed my eyes…and the visions were gone. There was only blessed blackness, and with my eyes closed, I was able to stand up. I stood in my own personal darkness with my eyelids squeezed shut and pulled the glasses from my face.
I opened my eyes, and let the glasses fall hard onto the keyboard of my laptop.
Since then I have been blinking and rubbing at my eyes, but nothing works anymore. Eyes opened or eyes closed, it doesn’t matter. When I reach out with my hands, I can feel my room, the chair the desk, the walls, everything, but all I can see is violence, death, rage and gore bathed in bruised purple light.

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