#Spokane #Concerts on the fly with Frankie Thanks for stopping to listen. I’ll be out again tomorrow around the same time. Stay tuned.

Tonight was fun.  I sat outside of JJ’s (Jimmy John’s) on 29th by Trader Joe’s.  I got to chat with a couple of people, and a few just hung out and listened for a while.  My song list is getting crazy.  I do original music for voice and guitar along with a weird variety of folk songs, ballads, oldies and whatever strikes my fancy.  I added two songs by the Pretenders tonight and I’ll keep working those in.  Man I love 80’s music.

If you ever see me out there being musical, please know that I appreciate the audience.  That’s why I’m singing out in the big public instead of in my front yard.

If you are interested in hiring me to perform at your party or venue, please contact me through this site or catch me on twitter.

For more information about me and my experience, education ect. check out the rest of the site.  Read some old blogs.  Go down the menu.  There is a lot there.

If you want a sample of my singing or of my songwriting,  please contact me and ask.  I’ll send you a file as an attachment.  Easy as pie.

In the mean time, look for me tomorrow evening for an impromptu free concert Down Town or on the South Hill most likely.


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