#Winter #Poetry #Spokane It is so hot I thought I would share some poems from winter. #Enjoy the green grass on this side of the fence! Summer Rocks


I witness and embrace the last throws of winter

This strong, long season that will not go gently

Into the good light of spring

Which clings and clutches

With crystal paws

And icy claws

Freezing the hopeful buds

Nurturing to full blown

Diseases of respiration

And so in celebration

Of season tenacious and old

I cough and cough and struggle to breath

My cheer a rasp

A screaming full throated whisper

“All hail Winter

Long live the king of Colds”

Frankie Valinda Ghee


Casualties of Winter

With the spring came sunshine

And rain

April brought a brand new wrinkle

And grayer hair

I started a new workout routine

And lost a friend

Summer was a furnace

The grass turned deeper green

And the neighbors kept watering

And mowing

I started wondering

“Why are we here?”

Autumn was dingy

And brilliant

Vibrant colors that told of death

Box Elder bugs came into the house

I made plans

I was going to “fix me”

But as it got colder

And colder

The snow fell, pointless and clean

All my plans


And routines

Became ice

In the stillness

In the thundering warmth

Of my space heater

Everything died

And left me open minded

Frankie Valinda Ghee

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