“Final Flight” Slightly dark #Poetry #Decisions that define us

Sometimes, a single choice can change a life’s course. What decisions have shaped you?

Final Flight
I took my first flight at four
slipped away from a sitter
wrapped in high school intrigue
a controversy over something
some life altering teenage circumstance
that required non-stop video chat
      I ran as I had seen older siblings run
     all of them at least three times before
     full speed
     down the hall and out the open door
     up, up and away
 that first great leap
heaved me up and sent me flying
first soaring like a motorized bird
off the porch and over seven steep stairs
then plummeting like a stone sack
landed me bloodied
broken and blinded
completely conscious on the sidewalk
where I waited for several hours that were only seconds
with a million new miseries
that would in time dissipate and finally disappear
     and three deeper hurts, head, hip, and hope
     that would require a lifelong diet of medications
     anti-inflammatory and anti-depressant
     and keep me limping, literally and metaphorically
     mentally, physically and emotionally
     trapped in darkness
never able to run 

I made that one spectacular leap

and never made a second one

Frankie Valinda Ghee



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