#Country #Gratitude not #Pride

This is My Country

This is my country

And I am so grateful

To have lived in a time when I am safe and free

I am safe to dream

And I am free to try

To change my world with hope and speak as I believe

And I am lucky I know to rest my feet on this soil

And take as owed to me

My rights and my liberty

Through proud and shameful history

This is what we have come to be

We have grown into this nation free of kings

Peace and great prosperity

Famine, war and travesity

Have forged the tools that we might shape our destiny

How many people had to die

So that I could live this life

If they knew how I would would they even try

How many people sold their souls

So I could spend this pot of gold

Would they pay the price if they knew what I would buy

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